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We’re conducting an ambient and social action for ASUS Poland and Intel Poland. The main element of this action will be three zones dedicated to ASUS and Intel set up at railway stations in Warsaw, Katowice and Gdynia. In each zone, people will have a chance to check out the new mobile devices running on Intel processors: ultrabooks from the VivoBook series, tablets from the series VivoTab and Fonepads. They will also have an opportunity to take part in an unusual fun experience.

The VivoBooks will have a special application installed on them. Participants will have to choose three key words and the application, using greenbox technology, will “transport” them to few exotic places. Participants will be able to see themselves on a backgroung of the Great Canyon, tropical beach, space or under water on the VivoBook’s screen. On the whole, there will be 10 different locations available. There will also be an option for participants to upload a picture of themselves with a chosen background on Facebook.

The campaign In Search of Incredible focuses on the promotion of mobile devices ASUS VivoBook, ASUS VivoTab and ASUS Fonepad that run on Intel processors.

The action will be supported by 15-second advertising spots that will be emited on video boards in the centre of Warsaw, Katowice and Gdynia. They will be emitted 5200 times.

The campaign In Search of Incredible will last three weeks. Zones will be opened during three consecutive weekends starting on May 17th. First zone will be opened at Warsaw Central railway station between May 17th to 19th, second at the railway station in Katowice between May 24th to 26th and the last one at the Gdynia Główna railway station between May 31st to June 2nd.

The campaign can be followed on ASUS Poland Facebook profile:

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