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e can correctly identify our clients’ needs. We professionally analyze briefs and match our offer to the needs of the brand. During debriefings we ask the right questions which bring us closer to the best solutions. In the strategies we create we use advanced analytical systems. We prepare creative concepts on the basis of detailed and well-thought-out insights. We create dedicated offers justifying the strategy and visualising creations. We specialise in non-standard solutions.

1. We provide brands with 360⁰ digital services.
2. .In our operations we prepare projects, carrying out multi-tool campaigns that combine our strategy, creation and copywriting with the implementation of digital objects and social activations, as well as providing projects with interaction. We implement integrated campaigns supporting digital campaigns with other media.
3. We provide brands with services in social media.
4. We carry out campaigns using single tools.
5. We create websites, applications and creative materials.

We have been operating since 2003. We have created about 250 websites and over 100 videos, have run tens of profiles in social media, have provided a few hundred campaigns with diverse traffic (buying digital media), and have implemented dozens of content actions. Our campaigns have generated several thousand of ePR publications, and we have also created a few mobile applications. In total, we have carried out more than 600 digital projects! We enjoy combining our digital campaigns with non-standard offline activities. We like using guerrilla marketing and creative, unusual OOH media.