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Stomil Bydgoszcz S.A., a market leader in its category, has created a new brand for the purpose of international expansion, and has entrusted us to handle it.
The new brand: STB Premium Rubber Solutions, was introduced first to one of the European markets.
The first such country where the company planned to sell its selected products (hydraulic hoses, rubber plates and linings, as well as profile cords, seals and dedicated products) under the STB brand is Germany.

Stomil Bydgoszcz SA is a company with over 100 years of tradition, a leading Polish manufacturer of hydraulic hoses, industrial hoses and other rubber products. The creation of a new brand – STB Premium Rubber Solutions – is related to the company’s plans to expand with a premium product offering into foreign markets.

The main objectives of the activities planned for the coming year are to build awareness of the new brand in the German market, to build its premium image and to create a base for the growth of Stomil’s export sales, first in the German market and ultimately in other European markets.

As part of the planned activities, a German website www.stbpremium.de was created, introducing the STB brand, its product offerings and providing contact information, a contact questionnaire, etc. Catalogs have also been prepared, with offers of the mentioned product categories, and digital activities have been planned along with them. The tasks include the preparation and implementation of a mix of digital activities, building awareness and image of the new brand, and generating traffic to www.stbpremium.de, including, among others, management of Google Ads, regular display campaigns on German industry portals, preparation of mailing campaigns and B2B activities on the LinkedIn platform. The campaign, consisting of a mix of digital activities in the first instance, covered Q3 2021 and Q1 2022. on.

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