NewsNews / NABU nano cosmetics is a new client of the Advertising Travel Bureau, and an influencer marketing campaign is launching.

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NABU nano cosmetics becomes new client of Biuro Podróży Reklamy, influencer marketing campaign launched.
Biuro Podróży Reklamy has a new client. It’s IPCosmetics, the owner of the NABU nano cosmetics brand, whose ambassador is Dorota Gardias. The agency’s task at the current stage of cooperation is to prepare an influencer marketing campaign for the brand, which is aimed at achieving both image-awareness and sales objectives.

The campaign has just started and will run until the end of March. The influencer platform Reach a Blogger plays an important role in the activities, recruiting beauty influencers (and broadly, those related to beauty, women, and health) who actively run profiles on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook fan pages for the campaign.

The target group for the NABU brand (as well as the current campaign) are women interested in skincare. Keywords related to the product and theme include #serum, #antiaging, and #anti-aging creams. The aim of the campaign is to build brand awareness and image while simultaneously stimulating sales.

The campaign revolves around the innovative NABU set worth 898 PLN. The collaborating influencers will receive the NABU set in the form of a delivery package, and their task will be to test the product and write an original text about it (to be published after the agency’s approval and clearly marked as advertising cooperation). Additionally, influencers who generate sales before the end of March will receive compensation for each set sold. Sales will be recorded using discount codes.

The BPR agency is responsible for organizing and conducting the entire campaign, with the support of the Reach a Blogger platform.

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