NewsNews / Biuro Podróży Reklamy to conduct a digital campaign promoting a new product of the Leitz brand

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Starting from the middle of May, the Esselte Group launches an on-line campaign promoting a new product of the Leitz brand – the Leitz ICON mobile printer. The campaign will last from 11 May to 15 July. The objective of the campaign is to inform Internet users of the new product. The advertisement is addressed to Polish residents who own laptops, smartphones or tablets.

The entire campaign will be run on-line using banners in the Google Display Network (GDN), banners in mobile applications as well as through SEM on

In addition, the campaign will be supported by promotion and advertising activities on Facebook.

Promotional activities will be managed by the interactive agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy.

The agency has already completed many successful on-line campaigns. They have already cooperated with the Esselte Group, among other things, on the “O krok przed innymi z Leitz” (One step ahead of others with Leitz) aimed at stimulating the sales of Leitz products.

The Esselte Group is a global leader in innovative solutions for offices which facilitate work organisation. They offer a wide selection of products used in everyday work The Esselte Group owns brands such as Leitz, Esselte, Rapid, or Xyron.


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