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Samsung is launching new online service ( dedicated to their flash drives. Samsung Electronics Poland focuses on raising long-term awareness and building image of their Solid-State Drives (SSD). The interactive agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy has created the online service presenting this line of products for the Korean company.

Solid-State Drives are a mass storage devices („drives”) which are used for data storage and are built basing on the flash technology. The main purpose of the website is to educate the consumer market about the advantages of SSD technology in comparison with the traditional HDD (Hard Disc Drive) technology and to raise awareness and build a new image of Samsung’s SSD products.

The website presents results of performance tests, strength tests and battery tests of the SDD drives (basing on the comparison between HDD and SDD drives). One can also find useful tutorials on the website (for example, on how to replace the old HDD drive with the new SDD drive).

In spring, Samsung has decided to stop the production of traditional drives. Therefore, they sold the whole department responsible for the HDD drives to Seagate. Now, Samsung is concentrating on the production of SDD drives.

In May, the first Samsung SDD products had their premier on the Polish marekt. What is more, few days ago, Samsung has introduced the SSD Upgrade Kit, which helps laptop and PC users with replacing the traditional drive with the new, energy-efficient and long-suffering SSD drive.

In the Samsung SSD Upgrade Kit, one can find SSD 470 series with preinstalled Ghost 15.0 software, which enables transfer of the operating system and data to the new drive.

The global market of SDD is growing very rapidly, at a rate of several percents per year. According to the research company iSuppli, the value of the global SDD drive market has amounted to 2,2 mld dollars last year, in 2011 it will almost double (up to 4,4 mld dollars) and in 2015 it will increase to about 7,5 mld dollars.

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