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We are pleased to once again work with Sony on the occasion of yet another editions of their Psychotest. The main goal of the third edition of the Psychotest was to implement the application on other European markets. The application – Psychotest Sony – has been successfully functioning on the Polish website ( During the next few weeks, it will be adapted for the purposes of other worldwide websites of Sony Corporation.

The Psychotest ( helps users to determine which specific products, within 10 product categories, best suit their needs.

Internet users, who visit Sony’s website, can do the Psychotest. The Psychotest consists of statements, which users have to rate on the scale from 0 to 10, depending on how well the statements reflect their character (0 means ‘I do not agree at all’, 5 means ‘I do not have an opinion on that matter’, and 10 means ‘I agree completely’). Those statements refer to lifestyle and psychology, but most of all to the ways people use the electronic equipment, for example: ‘the equipment that I buy should be easy to connect with the one that I already have’, ‘when choosing an electronic equipment, I always wonder whether my friends would like it’, ‘I try to keep up to date with all the events, I like to know what is going on’ or ‘even if I can afford it, I do not like to pay much for new technologies’.

As the result of the Psychotest, users are assigned to a specific profile (‘type of personality’). There are 6 profiles: ‘novelties enthusiast’, ‘trendsetter’, ‘individualist’, ‘supporter of functionality’, ‘sociable friend’ and ‘supporter of benefits’. Each profile is shortly described and has assigned Sony products divided into 10 product categories (TVs, cameras, SLR cameras, photographic cameras, notebooks, hi-fi mikrosets, walkmans, car audio devices, Blue-Ray and DVDs, home cinema systems). There are 2 or 3 products in each product categories that best match users needs.

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