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Biuro Podróży Reklamy together with Geek Girls Carrots, IAB Polska and Hays Polska prepared a research project “Women in IT”. All ladies are invited to take part in the study! Do you work in IT? Or maybe you have just began your career? Your opinion may help other women to be successful in the IT world. The “Women in IT” study is a comprehensive analysis of the situation of women on the IT market in Poland. We would like to know how your career path went. What motivates you? What is your vision of development?

The “Women in IT” study:

The “Women in IT” questionnaire:

What is the study about?

The “Women in IT” research project is conducted by Hays Poland, Geek Girls Carrots and the interactive agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy. The conceptual patronage of the study was provided by the Association of Internet Industry Employers IAB Poland.

The purpose of the study is to acquire knowledge concerning the following:

  • how the IT sector is seen by women who work there,
  • what percentage of women in IT in the entire population of women participating in the study hold managerial positions,
  • what advantages and barriers connected with undertaking work and working in IT women notice,
  • what are the dominating development and career paths among women in the IT sector.

All the aforesaid information, necessary to analyse the situation of women in the IT sector in Poland, will be obtained based on the experience, opinions and views of women working or having worked in the IT sector.

The gathered information will form the basis for drawing up a report constituting a synthetic description of the current situation of women in the IT sector, including their expectations concerning the forms and directions of development of IT companies, based on an analysis of the respondents’ needs and aspirations. In addition, the report will describe typical career paths followed by women in IT, with the potential effect of inspiring and motivating women to change their careers and begin working in IT.

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