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Biuro Podróży Reklamy agency was appreciated in the Polish report ”Panorama Reklamy 2018“ of monthly PRESS magazine that summarizes the advertising agency market.

“Panorama Reklamy“ is the best independent presentation of the marketing communication industry. The report ranks and summarizes 60 agencies from all of Poland. The score was determined by the most important events and changes in each agency, client’s portfolio, list of awards, financial data and plans for 2019.

Due to the report’s information, the clients can see how our agency works and compare it to others. That, of course, did us some good! We scored 4 stars! Our agency was appreciated for projects done in 2018 as well as the development of the platform Reach a Blogger, which connects influencers and advertisers. The platform had around 10 thousand finalized transactions regarding internet advertisement. Our ad network reaches around 50 million website users and 30 million social media users. In 2019 the platform had a spin-off to Reach a Blogger Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

The goal of our agency is to implement our knowledge in campaigns and business ventures related to digital/e-commerce executed for our clients and creating our martech projects.

Monthly PRESS magazine is around for 20 years, in Poland and abroad. In this magazine, you can find valuable publications of Polish journalists related to marketing and advertisement, interviews with professionals of those fields and interesting examples of advertising and PR.

Thank you for appreciating our work and results 🙂

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