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As part of the regular cooperation, we have written some fresh articles in the news section:

– “Dada welcome pack


The article “Dada welcome pack” has been written in connection with the campaign run on the website Upon correct registration, parents receive a gift package for their child. It contains the following products: “Dada Extra Care” (size 2) for children weighing between 3 to 6 kg, wet wipes, and cotton buds – all the essential products to get off to a good start.

Cotton buds and wet wipes in “Dada welcome pack”

The article includes additional information giving more detail on the Dada brand products delivered in “Dada welcome pack”. The product “Dada Sensitive wet wipes” provides gentle and effective childcare. It has a handy package closing. Whereas the special shape of the cotton buds facilitates safe care from the very first days. Both products are 100% biodegradable.


The subsequent articles “New Dada Extra Care diapers”, “Dada Extra Care Pants”, and “A breakthrough step for you and your baby” are available on the website and they describe the advantages of the new Dada products.

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