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The design portal is being launched in a new version, Kamdi Sosnowska is the publisher and the chief editor. is one of the best websites dedicated to industrial design / design. The architecture of the website has been changes and new thematic sections have been created as well as new functionality. exists since 2008 and up to this point it was based largely on the content generated by the Internet users (UGC – user generated content). Now, functionality and the UGC (including furniture and RTV products rankings) remain the core of the website, but it will be supplemented by the editorial content.

Kamdi Sosnowska will be the publisher and the chief editor of the website. Previously she worked at the interactive agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy (the agency is the owner of the Sosnowska will be cooperating with a group of freelance editors.

Changes include creation of a complately new layout of the website, development of new modules and sections, usability improvement and better technological structure – the new version is faster and more stable, it is also more Google friendly (SEO) and has better CMS.

The website will still feature old elements like: rankings, contests, blog, videos / articles / websites hubs dedicated to design, industrial design, architecture etc. from both Poland all over the world.

New elements include: a section called “The band of scoffers” where editors will be able to add comments about various design objects (in the form of a dialogue) and a section called “Inspirations” based on high quality photographs. already has a decent number of loyal users and it’s still on the rise, occupies leading positions in the Google’s search results related to design and has more and more reasonable income from advertising. For those reasons, the owners of the website decided to subsidize it. That is why they made such huge changes to the website and gave it more businesslike approach. We would like to become a leader of online services dedicated to industrial design

– said Kamdi Sosnowska, publisher and the chief editor of the website.

The website’s business model is based on sales of the advertising space. The owner of the website is the interactive agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy.

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