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The interactive agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy is starting cooperation with Amtra – an exclusive distributor of WD-40 („iconic” product that has various functions, like: greasing, cleaning and protecting) and the sealer Slime (for protection and reparation of tire punctures) in Poland. The image campaign for Slime, under the slogan: „Gumy nie łapię” (meaning Rubber no catch), is just being launched.

BPR has won the tender for Amtra’s ( two brands: Slime and WD-40.

We have chosen Biuro Podróży Reklamy because their offer was the best match for our brief, they had some very interesting and creative ideas and they very precisely formulated possible to achieve campaign effects

– said Elżbieta Linnert, head of marketing division at Amtra.

It is the first campaign that BPR has prepared for Slime. The agency is responsible for creating and maintaining their Facebook profile „Gumy nie łapię”, conducting a series of contests, creating YouTube profile for them and reportage-like viral videos presenting the use of Slime and guerilla marketing actions (graffiti on bicycle paths).

For the purpose of the online actions, there was a special edition of Slime’s Facebook profile under the slogan „LOVErowa” (meaning Loving bicycles). The campaign „Gumy nie łapię” is supported by educational action about preventive and emergency use of Slime sealer for tires and bicycle inner tubes, which is aiming to reach all the bicycle lovers who use their bicycles for various purposes – for health, to relax, for adrenaline, for sport, etc. Bicycle enthusiasts can meet online ( and exchange their thoughts, opinions and experiences about their cycling passion. The website is under Slime’s patronage.

The action “Gumy Nie Łapię” and the action associated with it are planned for 6 months.

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