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Image of the sector after a breakthrough. What comes next? Constant change. The report concerning marketing in search engines is already available. In the report, Robert Sosnowski, Managing Director in Biuro Podróży Reklamy, talks, among other things, about optimisation, paid links and what one can expect in SEO in the future. Definitely, it is the end of simple SEO. Tricks used in the past are no longer effective, they may even be harmful. The sector agrees that changes introduced by Google benefit users and pose new challenges for agencies dealing with SEO and SEM.

They mainly involve convincing clients that the old, simple and cheap methods have stopped working and that it is necessary to invest in multi-level campaigns, including those connected with content marketing. However, it is necessary to redefine the term content. It is not enough to post a large amount of cheap content. It must be unique and must involve recipients. Experts agree that SEM activities will become more and more difficult. Due to the growing competition, prices of the most popular phrases will increase. There is even an opinion that there will be a time when the only thing found in search engines will be… paid links. Impossible?

 – Bartosz Chochołowski, editor of
Full version of the report available at: report: Marketing in search engines.

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