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Biuro Podróży Reklamy is carrying out an image campaign for Philips. One of the elements of the campaign is an online contest. The idea of the happening is that Internet users will share interesting records related to ‘length’. For the purpose of the happening we organized a contest called Length Matters, which is hosted on the website

Contestants are to share information records related to the length. Posts may be illustrated by photos or videos. In the ranking, one can find people with the longest hair, moustache, the longest car, the tallest tree, the tallest man, a woman with the longest nails in the world and many more.

Every week, authors of the funniest and the most interesting posts will win prizes. Internet users themselves will be choosing winners themselves. The author of the best post will win the main prize – Wireless Mirco Hi-Fi System Streamium MCI500H/12.

The contest started on the 13.07.2009 and will end on the 13.09.2009.

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