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Summary of the year 2010 on is presented from the point of view of representatives of 18 leading interactive agencies in Poland. On behalf of Biuro Podróży Reklamy spoke Robert Sosnowski.

Here are his opinions:

The greatest surprise of 2010

For me, personally, the greatest surprise was such a dynamic development of Facebook on the Polish market. It extended its range several times during the year. Facebook will permanently change the way we spend our time online. Polish user of mass media, after experiencing the network Nasza-Klasa now has come across a new solution, which will probably consolidate his interest in social networking side of the Internet. Social communication on the Web is no longer the domain of „freaks” and teenagers. That particular change is already affecting our clients’ approach to the advertising measures.

The biggest disappointments of 2010

The year 2010 didn’t bring too many disappointments in the Polish Internet. I personally, despite the intuitive concerns about the organisation of the project, was sympathetic to the idea of Solaris Gate. It was a project that with large investments, could have become the second, in addition to, international success with its roots in our market. Ad Planner’s statistics do not indicate that Solaris Gate received a significant number of users. However, developing successful web projects is not as easy as an initial enthusiast might think. Nevertheless, I still support creators of the project. It would be a pity if in few years someone from another part of the globe more effectively sold the idea.

The most significant event of 2010

In 2010, Internet became second, after television, advertising medium in terms of the level of investments in advertising activities (according to IAB and PricewaterhouseCoopers’ research). For the first time, native advertisers spent more on online advertising than on advertisement in magazines, newspapers, radio or even in cinemas.

Years when online activities where the margins of advertising budgets has gone to the past. Nowadays, the Internet is more often the main axis of action, and the activities in other media more often tend to be subordinated to a strategy determined by the specificity of online advertising.

From my observations and IAB’s reports it is clear that in 2010 the growth rate of expenses on online advertising has accelerated. It is probable that this increase in the whole 2010 amounted to about 20%, which means that the Internet, as the medium number 2, will strengthen even more. Of course saying medium number 2 I am referring to the level of spending on advertising. In all other aspects it is a medium number 1.


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