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Onice again, according to the ‘tradition’, we’re carrying out a viral marketing campaign for our client from the education sector. The campaign is called ‘Nawet Kaziu’ (meaning Even Kaziu) will be launched on 8th July and will last until 25th August 2010. For the campaign, we have prepared an animated video spot. The agency will also be responsible for promoting the viral video on the Internet. The campaign is targeted at people between 19-20 years of age.

The campaign is the result of a long-term cooperation between the interactive agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy and TEB Education. Previous advertising actions – ‘Informatycy’ (meaning IT specialists) from 2009 and ‘Co to za mózg?’ (meaning What kind of brain is this) from 2008 resulted in, accordingly, 450.000 and 430.000 views.

According to Jacek Bereś, the electronic media specialist at TEB Education, the use of new technology in online advertising is a standard for them. Youth well-sees such initiatives. Two viral videos created in previous years received very good opinions from the target group.

The viral video Informatycy got over 2.600 comments on the Internet of which nearly all were positive and a large part was even enthusiastic. We’re hopeful that this year’s video spot will also be so successful

– said Robert Sosnowski, the managing director at the interactive agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy.

The secondary schools of TEB Education are located in 50 cities in Poland. They’re offering courses the privileges of public schools, where students can get a state diploma of technology and annual courses, where students can receive a secondary school diploma. From this year, some courses at TEB Education are completely free!

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