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Creative trainings with clients – a new system initiative of our agency

The modern marketing ecosystem, especially the digital one, is quite complex. Brands set a lot of goals and have a wide range of tools at their disposal. This generates many possible scenarios for action. The traditional model of cooperation „brand – agency” is based on the brief and the advertising concepts, offered by the agency. At the presentations, both sides sit by the table towards each other.

During 15 years of cooperation with more than 150 clients, we noted that the best, most effective actions take place when prior to making a decision of communication, strategic, media and even business solutions, there is an in-depth dialogue between the client and the agency. As a result of this dialogue, the client learns about the limitations that the tools have, about practical experience, non-obvious interrelationships and additional opportunities. The agency puts itself more fully in the client’s place and understands its needs, but sometimes the agency manages to persuade the client to review these needs. The brief, written after similar trainings, usually looks very different. And often as a result of such trainings a target solution is born. Campaigns being the result from such trainings have an optimal focus on goals and the highest effectiveness. Looking back on the past experience of such campaigns, both our customers and ourselves are extremely pleased.

Dialogue expands the horizon of both the client and the agency. As a result of training, the client gets deeper knowledge and begins to look at the campaign differently. Now he is more proficient in the details and, thanks to the knowledge he has gained, he sees more during the campaign itself. Both sides focus on priorities, which contributes to better cooperation in the implementation of the project. That’s why we decided to spread the formula to others on the basis of which we cooperate with trusted clients. Of course, the trainings do not oblige to anything by passing them, you can implement your marketing projects with yourself or another agency – the solution belongs to you.

At our disposal there are excellent specialists with competence in business, as well as strategic skills, creative, media, UX / UI and technology skills. We will select a team that will correspond to the field that interests you.

Briefly about the agency: https: //biuropodrozyreklamy. com/17-powodow/

We invite you to the creative-strategic trainings with the Biuro Podróży Reklamy. Write to us to discuss the details. Look at your campaign with the eyes of the agency.

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