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Piotr Ochocki joins Biuro Podróży Reklamy. He will be acting as the creative manager in our team. Piotr will be responsible for coming up with ideas for our marketing actions, creating slogans, messages and texts to all of our advertising actions, supervising our projects in terms of their artistic and visual appeal and creation of his own graphic designs for the new actions.

Piotr Ochocki is University of Lodz graduate. He studied Cultural Studies in the Philology Department with specialization in Film and Media Studies (plus additional specialization in Journalism).

He started his career in 2004 as a journalist in Ret-Sat1 TV station in Lodz, where in 2004-2009 he was hosting a news service and his own program about film and photography, was assembling TV programs and helping with advertising postproduction. In 2006, he had two jobs – he was a sales specialist in NOVAMEDIA Innovation and an associate at cultural In years 2008-2009, he was a game reviewer at and He also was the second director at the production of the independent film ‘Nogami w górę, głową w dół’ (meaning Feet up, head down) which was shown at the XXXIV Festiwal Polskich Filmów Fabularnych Gdynia 2009 and at the 10th International Film Festival T-mobile New Horizons 2010. During last few months, he was working as the co-writer of the MMORPG game ‘Ether Fields’.

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