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Biuro Podróży Reklamy wins the distinction for “Charytatywni.allegro” campaign. Biuro Podróży Reklamy received the Distinction in the INSIGHT category for “Charytatywni.allegro” campaign – Share your best asset“. The core of the Innovation Award competition (formerly Media Trends) is an innovation at marketing and marketing communication level, understood as the use of achievements in social sciences, technology and engineering, in order to reach a consumer with the message in a new way. It is the use of new tools or a combination of those already known  in order to create a new quality in communication, product or service.

The aim of charytatywni.allegro campaign was to launch a charity auction platform on Allegro website, by virtue of which it is possible to raise funds for charity and carrying out CSR actions. The agency’s solution was a non-standard package comprising of two envelopes: “I HELP” and “I DON’T HELP” Opening the “I HELP” package launched an electronic clock counting down 72 hours. It was impossible to stop the clock. The recipient had 72 hours to help – launch a charitable auction. Additionally, the auctions and company involvement were evaluated by Maciej Budzich and Natalia Hatalska. Ambassadors of the programme were leaders of the Polish charity scene – Anna Dymna, Ewa Błaszczyk and Jurek Owsiak.

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