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In Paris, we ran marketing activities during the Color Run project for the French brand Ripolin. We set up a neuromarketing stand with a LED cubicle and a study of colours of Paris dwellers. The Color Run™ began in March 2011. The purpose of the project was to infect people with positive thinking and interest them in sport and healthy lifestyle. “The Happiest 5 km on the Planet” is a unique event even though it is organised worldwide: in the USA, China, Australia, Africa, Europe.

The finish line does not mean the end of fun. Having run 5 colourful kilometres, participants enter a party: music, dance and sharing positive moments with others.

During the event, Biuro Podróży Reklamy prepared an ambient installation for the Ripoli brand under the slogan: See the colour of your interior. The purpose of the project was to study and present the current emotional condition of the surveyed person. The installation comprised an encefalograph, a light cubicle, LED screens, an iPad application. The application calculated the surveyed person’s emotional condition based on his/her brainwaves and displayed the results in the form of colours on the LED screens. Everything in real time! During the study, the cubicle shined with the colours illustrating the surveyed person’s thoughts.

The application is innovative and atypical. It is a pioneer project in the area of neuromarketing. It was a great challenge to make the application work together with the gigantic light installation and LED screens in real time, without wires.

Ripolin is a French brand of enamel paints. Thanks to its long tradition, the brand name has become a synonym of enamel paints in France. The brand is owned by PPG Industries.


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