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The interactive agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy is teaming up with Interactive Research Center to work together in the social media marketing sector. The companies will together take part in selected tenders and create more elaborate social marketing projects.

The aim of this cooperation is to extend the range of both firms’ offers in the social marketing sector, by strengthening them with additional competences and providing the possibility to create more complex projects.

We will work together to create projects for social media marketing campaigns. We intend to work closely in the areas such as: social media monitoring, analysis of data concerning the bahaviour of Internet users in social media, development of strategies for the presence of brands in social media

– announces Robert Sosnowski, managing director of the interactive agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy.

Biuro Podróży Reklamy specializes in creating marketing projects that are „tailor-made”, basing on the implementation of specific business objectives as well as on the mixture of the Internet with other media and ambient tools. Their main areas of action include: online events and contests, social media marketing, WoMM and viral creations.

The agency Interactive Research Center deals with creating and optimising PR and marketing strategies in social media. They do that by analysing the presence of brands on the Internet, assessing of competitors’ actions, developing and consulting interactive strategies as well as by monitoring and assessing the quality of implemented actions. The agency develops analytical reports, creates strategies, delivers information and knowledge necessary for implementation of interactive actions and consults current work of their clients.

As alchemists for hundreds of years have failed to make the philosophical stone, today no one has a recipe for sure success in social media. However, one can get closer to the „perfection” and maximise their chances for the success. Know-how, creative ideas, strategic thinking and implementation of detailed research is a mix of an effective operation. The partnership with IRC will facilitate creation of such a mix for us

– said Robert Sosnowski.

We are feeling that the competences of our companies complement one another. That is why we have decided to join forces in creating complex marketing projects.

– said Albert Hupa z IRC.

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