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In April 2015, Biuro Podróży Reklamy began a digital campaign for the Bondex brand, a leading producer of high quality wood care and decoration products, which will last until autumn this year. The scope of works includes two large areas. The first one are PR activities and building for the brand’s image on the Internet. The agency’s tasks include running the e-spokesperson profile on blogs and in social media. This includes educational activities and building positive relations with the community.

The other area concerns media activities and running a broadcasting campaign for the Bondex brand, using the following tools: SEM, Facebook Ads, Google Display Network, commercials on YouTube ad in VOD services. On the client’s behalf, the campaign will be run by Wojciech Kapelusz, Marketing Online Manager. On behalf of the agency, the campaign will be run by Maciej Mazur, Project Manager and Marcin Kulczycki, Project Manager. The agency ran digital activities for the Bondex brand in 2014. The cooperation in 2015 is a result of a tender the agency won.

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Bondex is a Danish brand of high quality wood care and wood decoration products whose history dates back over 80 years. The harsh Scandinavian climate, with its frosty winters, fogs, frequent rains and high humidity, requires high quality wood care products – exactly like those offered by Bondex. Our wood surface maintenance and protection agents, produced with the highest care, are known and valued by Scandinavian professionals. The Bondex brand is also available on the Polish market. The wide and constantly growing range of products includes a large number of impregnants, stain varnishes, scumbles, varnishes, and oils adapted to any type of wooden surfaces. Bondex brand products will ensure that wooden furniture, houses and garden equipment are beautiful for years.

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