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St. Majewski company, the producer of Bambino crayons, together with Marek Kamiński’s Foundation would like to invite everyone to take part in a charity auction called ‘Little Works of Art’. The aim of the project is to make it possible for Patrycja’s Big Journey to come true. Patrycja is 16 years old and suffers from an incurable brain tumour. She has an invincible faith in dreams, believing that they can really come true – if you only have the courage to dream. She is passionate about Japan and her biggest dream is a trip to the Country of Cherry Blossoms. However, due to the difficult financial situation of Patrycja’s family, this journey is not possible without the help of other people.

Drawings of children who used their artistic talents to help Patrycja make her dream come true were put up for the charity auction ‘Little Works of Art’, which is going to run from 1st to 14th July. The drawings have been put in professional painting frames. The auctions take place on the charity fundraising platform, and all the money raised at the auction will be donated to fulfil Patrycja’s dream.

We would like to invite everyone to participate in the auction:

Marek Kamiński’s Foundation, portals MM Warszawa and and the magazine Kumpel took the patronage over the action.

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