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Biuro Podróży Reklamy was chosen by Redcoon.pl, a top electrical online retail brand, to create a new communication strategy together with implementation of graphic and web development services. As part of the campaign, we created: a website, a brandbook (digital + social), communication idea, media strategy and graphic creations for such tools and channels as: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and for content and e-mail marketing purposes.

The goal of our activities was Redcoon.pl’s rebranding and website renewal, which was aimed at providing maximum user convenience and comfort throughout shopping. By setting a task of bringing out the brand’s expert position while breaking homogeneous communication scheme of online electrical retailers, we created an action called “Lepsza strona technologii 10/10” (meaning both “Better side of technology 10/10” and “Better site of technology 10/10”), under which every fan of electronics could take part in Redcoon.pl improvement and also win prizes. The project was based on marketing research in a form of online survey on the dedicated landing page 10na10.redcoon.pl. It tackled needs and expectations of electrical online retailer’s clients. As a result of the survey, 10 most important change propositions were chosen and successively implemented in the next 10 months.

The campaign main slogan „Lepsza strona” (both „better side” and „better site”) has a double meaning: Redcoon.pl not only brings a “better side” of technology, but is by itself a “better (web)site”, offering superior UX design and services. This duality provided us with an opportunity of creative idea explication towards categories which we wanted to emphasize.

Additionally, we run an activation called “na tropie rabatów – lepsza strona ceny” (“on the trail of discounts – better price side/site”. The activation’s goal was educating about the webiste new navigation combined with discount campaign: each week we were hiding a discount under a particular product (limited by time and quantity). The participant’s task was finding it while discovering all the categories.

The users’ engagement was built by publishing hints and tips about the hidden discount in social media: both Redcoon.pl’s and bloggers’ channels. The hints were shaped after the underlying idea of better side/site of technology. The chance of winning were higher for those clever individuals who were actively tracking Redcoon-related posts and entries.

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