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How often do you put up monuments as part of a brand marketing campaign? We would like you to read the case study of the campaign we conducted for the POL Paper brand (which belongs to our client – International Paper).

Case study – Papiery POL-Wiadomość do przyszłości

Paper is paper – that was one of the key communication barriers mentioned in a brief written by POL Paper. A keen observation, because how can you tell interesting things about something that literally surrounds us on every side and what most of us, showing completely no emotions, throw in the bin in large quantities (at the same time reaching with the other hand, again without any emotions, for a new ream of paper). How to do it in the face of digital development?

In this case the product should be considered not in terms of what it is but in terms of what possibilities it offers. And it is best to see the product in terms of the possibilities that stir our imagination so much that it can transcend the borders of reality. That was exactly the idea that guided us when we developed the concept of an advertising campaign for the producer of POL Paper.

Case study – Papiery POL-Wiadomość do przyszłości

Biuro Podróży Reklamy launched the ‘Message to the future’ campaign in January 2017.

The first stage of the campaign was to create the website http://kapsulaczasu.biuropodrozyreklamy.com/, which people could use to send their ‘message to the future’ in the form of a testimonial and a photo.

The media patrons of the campaign included Interia, Legalna Kultura, Edutorial, Historia.org.pl and Charaktery, a psychology magazine.

Case study – Papiery POL-Wiadomość do przyszłości

The second stage was to print the testimonials that the website users had sent. We did not verify or censor the testimonials, thus giving the authors total freedom in forming the message they would like to send to future generations. We printed over 600 testimonials that were sent through the site.

The third and final stage was to organise an event on the premises of International Paper’s Kwidzyn mill during which we put the POL time capsule, a professional container we had imported from Australia, in a special crypt.

This historic event took place on 20 May 2017 during the Papermaker’s Run, an annual event organised by International Paper which that year celebrated its 25th anniversary in Poland and for the eighth time invited everyone to take part in the run. A few thousand people participated in the event.

Biuro Podróży Reklamy created a dedicated site where visitors left over 400 testimonials, which gave us a total of 1000 messages sent to future generations.

The official event of burying the POL time capsule was attended by the management and employees of the company(top managers from the headquarters in the USA and Belgium) who talked about the 25 years of the company’s presence on the Polish market.

The time capsule was buried underneath a pyramid-shaped monument, made of stainless steel, that is to commemorate the event. The capsule will remain there until it is discovered by future generations.

Videos presenting the entire action were viewed over 350 000 times. More than 75 media wrote about the campaign, among others Interia, Crazy Nauka, and Antyweb. Our agency was responsible for developing the campaign in the areas of strategy, creation and media. We used tools such as direct marketing, SEA, GDN, Facebook and Instagram emissions, PR, blog marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, YouTube advertising, ambient and event marketing.

International Paper, a leader in the pulp and paper industry, is an American company that operates throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company started operations in Poland in 1992. In the area of EMEA, International Paper is a leading supplier of high-quality office paper. The most recognizable brand in the company’s product portfolio is POL paper.

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