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Under a two-year con­tract with the Dada nap­pies brand, we laun­ched a large cam­pa­ign: Nap­pies Super­test. In the cam­pa­ign, we pro­vi­ded the test par­ti­ci­pants 10 000 Dada nappy packs. Biuro Podróży Reklamy agency Was in charge of the cam­pa­ign’s con­cept, stra­tegy, mana­ge­ment, logi­stics and the pre­sen­ta­tion of the results.

The communication concept was the world of Dada comic book superheroes (super testers), using children actors who wore outfits with the brand’s logo, specifically designed for that purpose. The actors participated in a photo session organized for the campaign, and the photos were used in the GDN banners, posts, Facebook ads, and on the Supertest’s website. The participants also appeared in a video advertisement which promoted the campaign.

We created a dedicated landing page for the Supertest with an extended backend. After joining, each participant received a notice of the estimated time of the nappies’ arrival. A few days after delivery, each participant received an individual link to a questionnaire. If the questionnaire was not completed, a reminder was generated. With this, we collected 8499 reports.

As planned, within less than two days, the packs were sent to 10 000 people who declared their will to participate in the test. Each pack was accompanied by a letter containing further instructions.

The questionnaire was consulted with the research institute ABC Rynek i Opinia. It dealt with the quality of Dada Premium 4 Maxi nappies and the general characteristics of disposable diapers.

In the last part of the questionnaire the participants could join a competition for the best advertising slogan for the Dada nappies. Each competitor had the opportunity to win one of 20 9’7” iPads or one of 100 packs of nappies.

85% completed questionnaires provided a full picture of the tested nappies. The results, analysed in cooperation with ARC, were presented in the form of a flat design video animation, published on You Tube Dada dla najmłodszych channel, and embedded in www.supertest.dada.pl webpage.

The whole campaign was accompanied by a You Tube ad, two banner lines in Goodle Display Network, SEM ads and posts and Facebook and Instagram advertising. We generated the total of 100 000 ad interactions and 700 000 viewings of You Tube videos.

Watch the making of the Supertest video.

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