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As a part of regular cooperation with Dada nappies brand, in 2017 we continued and increased activities on www.dada.pl webpage.

This year, 160 new specialist articles were written, enriching our readers’ knowledge in the following sections: Newborn, Baby, Toddler and Interesting Facts.

80 culinary recipes, were created in the cooperation with a nutritionist and recommended by the Food and Nutrition Institute in Warsaw. Each of the dishes was photographed at three stages of its preparation.

The page content was also enriched with another 16 audiobooks.. One of our jobs included editing the content, recording, and sound editing. Each of the bedtime stories has dedicated gif graphics.

Mothers of toddlers can use 130 new colouring activities containing original designs, in the form of ready-to-print pdf files.

3 completely new sections were created on the site.

A Child’s Development Calendar is a series of 16 articles about a child’s development over 3 years of its life. It points out milestones, or essential skills, which the child learns in a given period of its life.

Another new subpage is the Growth Chart. Using a specially designed algorithm, parents can check if their child’s physical development is in line with their peers’. It is applicable for children born between the 38th and 42nd week of pregnancy.

Mothers-to-be can use the Expected Date of Delivery Calculator. It is based on Naegele’s rule. Given the first day of the mother’s last menstruation and the length of her monthly cycle, the Calculator returns an estimated date of birth, which, naturally, must be confirmed with the doctor.

At the launch of the Little One range of nappies, which are a part of the Dada Premium section, we conducted a nappies test with 4 parenting influencers who had recently become mothers. For that purpose, we prepared dedicated nappies quality check kits. We invited bloggers from the Reach a Blogger to participate.

The launch of Dada Premium Little One products was supported by a campaign using GDN banners, SEM marketing and posts, and Facebook advertisements. In total, we generated over 213 000 interactions.

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