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Biuro Podróży Reklamy has been selected by Beko for the execution of the digital campaign in 2017. Beko is one of the best brands in the world which offers all necessary household appliances. The brand is now present in more than 100 countries all around the world and is the second biggest white goods brand in Europe.

Within the campaign the agency Was responsible for development of the content marketing strategy and the national online survey (Great Beko Survey) on: Do white goods make the daily life of the Poles easier? Additionally, the agency Was responsible for development of the strategy as well as the graphic design and content of the survey website, preparation of creative materials with tips for digital publication and organization of the contest. The responsibilities of Biuro Podróży Reklamy included also cooperation with the blogosphere as well as production and online distribution of video materials. The agency Was also responsible for purchase of the media for the campaign. The campaign Was on for half a year.

The aim of the action Was to disseminate interesting materials regarding how the Poles deal with their daily duties, to what extent the white goods make their life easier today and how to deal with daily duties more efficiently. The unique content and the data generated within the action were used as a topic of discussions among bloggers and internet users. By these actions Beko wanted to learn more about its consumers and let them get to know it even better. As a result, the brand entered into a dialogue with the internet users.

The actions started with design of a dedicated website of Great Beko Survey – smart.beko.pl. Our agency Was responsible for creation and development of the content. The website allowed its visitors to participate in the contest and online survey. It is also a great source of information on the survey results and smart video tips on how to deal with daily duties more efficiently.

Beko: Great Beko Survey – Digital campaign 2017

The contest, connected with the online survey, Was a significant element of the campaign. The condition of taking part in the contest Was participation in the survey. The survey Was based on the idea of aggregating data and presenting it in a way attractive for the user, through automatically loaded infographics. For this purpose a questionnaire Was developed including a set of questions which helped to collect data on household habits of the Poles and their opinion on white goods. The data obtained in the action Was used to create thematic articles which, together with the infographics, were widely distributed to the blogosphere.

Beko: Great Beko Survey – Digital campaign 2017

Beko: Great Beko Survey – Digital campaign 2017

See all thematic articles here: http://smart.beko.pl/artykuly/

We were also responsible for the contest moderation, winner selection and awarding prizes, i. e. advanced technology white goods. Among others the following tools were used for the promotion of the contest and survey: SEM, GDN and social media marketing. The contest and the survey held great interest for the respondents – nearly 8, 000 of them took part in the online survey.

The next element of the campaign Was creation and online distribution of a series of twenty short videos titled ’Beko Tips’. The videos show some clever DIY ways which make our everyday life easier and save our time in a funny way.

See all Beko Tips videos here: http://smart.beko.pl/smart-video/

During the campaign we generated:
20 videos with useful smart tips
20 thematic articles
40 blog posts
7 816 filled in questionnaires in the online survey
30 000 interactions on Facebook
1 000 000 short video views on YouTube and Facebook
5 000 000 video visits on YouTube and Facebook

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