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Biuro Podróży Reklamy has been chosen by TET True English Tea for the execution of digital campaign 2016/2017. TET’s offer includes a wide choice of classic teas consisting of mainly black tea blends. The aim of the campaign was the establishment and consolidation of TET teas brand awareness on the Polish market.

Within the campaign the agency was responsible for development of the advertising strategy and production of a product-image advertising spot as well as preparation of the graphic design and content of the website, preparation of creative materials for digital broadcast, organization of the contest, creating and administering the brand’s profile on Facebook, blog marketing, PR, GDN and SEM.

The actions started with design of the brand’s new website: tettea.com. Our agency was responsible for creation and development of some of the contents. The website not only includes product content, but it is also a source of information on the history and culture of tea.

Sun Generation: TET True English Tea – Digital campaign 2016/2017

The next stage of the campaign was development of the conception as well as production and online broadcast of the product-image spot, which also encouraged the viewers to take part in the contest. The message of the spot is that life is a wonderful journey, but it is worth having a break to taste the moment. The advertising video was shot in September 2016 in London.

Below we present „the making of” the spot with the lovely actress playing the main part.

Sun Generation: TET True English Tea - Kampania digitalowa 2016/2017

Sun Generation: TET True English Tea - Kampania digitalowa 2016/2017

The contest, connected with an online survey titled „Win the journey of your life” placed on the TET website, was a significant element of the campaign. The condition of taking part in the contest was participation in the survey. The survey was based on the idea of aggregating data and presenting it in a way attractive for the user, through automatically loaded infographics. For this purpose a questionnaire was developed including a set of questions which helped to collect data on tea-drinking habits of the Poles and their opinion on Great Britain. The data obtained in the action was also used to create thematic articles which, together with the infographics, were widely distributed to the media on such occasions as the International Tea Day or the Queen’s Birthday – from five press releases created we obtained 140 PR publications.

Sun Generation: TET True English Tea - Kampania digitalowa 2016/2017

We were also responsible for the contest moderation, winner selection and awarding great prizes: a Mediterranean cruise, balloon flight and a British oldtimer for the weekend.

Among others the following tools were used for the promotion of the contest: SEM, GDN, social media marketing and cooperation with bloggers.

Sun Generation: TET True English Tea - Kampania digitalowa 2016/2017

During the campaign we generated:
140 PR publications
30 blog posts
1020 filled in questionnaires in the online survey
– over 8 300 000 spot views

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