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In 2017 our agency began cooperation with Antalis Poland to organise the first edition of Antalis Design Awards 2017, a competition addressed to graphic designers, art directors, interior designers and architects as well as students of art schools.

Biuro Podróży Reklamy was responsible for implementing the entire campaign, which included developing the concept of the action and the media strategy, creating the competition website http://www.antalisawards.pl/, selecting and cooperating with the jurors, media buying and organising the media aspect of the campaign (sponsored posts on Facebook, Facebook ads, e-mailing, GDN ads, PR, blog and influencer marketing). We also organised the Antalis Design Awards 2017 gala – an awards ceremony for the winners of the competition.

Antalis Poland, a leader in the distribution of materials used for visual communication, wanted to address designers, building their awareness of the company’s existence and making them interested in its offer. To this aim, our agency suggested organising the first edition of Antalis Design Awards 2017.

1 Case study – Antalis Antalis Design Awards 2017

The competition consisted of two separate categories – Art Category Competition and Design Category Competition. In the Art category participants were to design the cover for an A5 creative notebook. In the Design category the task was to create a 4000 mm x 3000 mm project of wallpaper for a modern start-up office.

In order to increase the prestige of the first edition of the competition, the jury consisted of top professionals – authorities on art design, interior design and broadly defined art.

The jury chairman Dawid Korzekwa – a graphic designer specialising in press design, book design, visual identity and posters.

Andrzej Pągowski – a graphic artist, the author of over 1300 phenomenal posters presented in Poland and abroad.

Natalia Nguyen – an architect urbanist, interior designer, furniture and accessories designer; she values both beauty and functionality.
Jarosław Bujny – the author of posters, illustrations, and visual identity designs. A publicist who deals with graphic design and visual communication.

Xavier Jouvet – Marketing and Sales Director of Antalis International.

As part of additional activities we managed to win media partners connected with the graphic design industry. These included: STGU, Brief, ASP Katowice, Visual Communication, Packaging Polska, Świat Druku, and GrafMag.

Case study – Antalis Antalis Design Awards 2017

Our agency worked out the details of the competition and drew up the rules.

To promote the competition we used the client’s fanpage https://www.facebook.com/CreativePapersTeam/, where we published posts (supported by ads) encouraging viewers to take part in the competition.

Case study – Antalis Antalis Design Awards 2017

Our press releases about the competition appeared in over 30 portals and industry blogs.

As a result of all the actions that our agency carried out, the site was visited by more than 12 000 users, of whom over 300 submitted their works. All in all, we received 706 works, 528 in the Art category and 124 in the Design category.

The culmination of the campaign was the awards ceremony that took place on 28 September 2017 in DH Mysia 3 in Warsaw. The event was attended by the nominees and winners of the competition, the jurors, as well as employees and customers of Antalis Poland.

Antalis is a leader in the distribution of materials used for visual communication: paper for printing services and offices, packaging materials and plastic products. Every day, the company delivers 14,000 shipments worldwide and every year it distributes 1.8 tonnes of paper globally. In 2016, Antalis recorded a turnover of € 2.459 billion, operating in 43 countries and employing a workforce of 5626 people. More information at www.antalis.pl.

Case study – Antalis Antalis Design Awards 2017

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