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USP Zdrowie has chosen a new agency to cooperate with in the Stoperan brand advertising campaign. During the tender, Biuro Podróży Reklamy developed a successful strategy and is now about to implement it. The brand’s activities are focused on the website The site users will be able to rank Polish beaches and obtain useful information about them.

The scope of the agency’s work for the Stoperan brand includes modernising the web portal, preparing creative materials for online and offline media activities, creating content materials for social media, as well as ePR activities and innovative direct marketing activities.

Ranking Plaż (The Beach Ranking) helps users to find a suitable place at the Polish seaside and to evaluate the chosen beach. This year the portal will be given a new layout and functions.

About USP Zdrowie

USP Zdrowie is a pharmaceutical company and a leader in the OTC medicines market in Poland. It offers the best quality products, including Ibuprom, Apap, Gripex, Stoperan, Verdin, Xenna, Artresan.

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