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A teddy bear or a massage together? What gifts do Poles like to give to each other on Valentine’s Day? Analyses of preferences have shown that, at present, Valentine’s Day is mostly about experiences. Today, we prefer to Be that to Have. It may seem that Valentine’s Day is a fairly modern holiday, however, this tradition dates back to ancient Rome (even though the then Lupercalia were rather devoted to the founders of the Eternal City than to love). In Poland, Valentine’s Day became popular in 1990s. At first, the celebrations were limited to exchanging postcards, teddy bears and sweets.

It has now evolved into a day which lovers spend together in a pleasant way.
In Poland, there are 8 % of passionate opponents of Valentine’s Day while 74 % of Poles say they like the holiday.
Year by year, more and more people decide to celebrate it (in 1997, only 37 % of Poles celebrated Valentine’s Day while in 2013 the figure reached 59 % – source: CBOS 2013). Apart from the person we love, we often give Valentine’s Day cards to our parents and friends.

A greater openness in celebrating Valentine’s Day is not the only change in the Poles’ attitude to the event. The way Poles celebrate 14 February has also changed. It is visible in the selection of gifts. The information collected by shows that the most popular type of gifts are those which involve experiences. It is not mascots, electronic gadgets or chocolates that make lovers the happiest but gifts which offer emotions, which the couple can use together. Thus, the most attractive Valentine’s Day gifts include: weekends in SPA, massages or trips together. In addition, we also enjoy experiences which may be deemed extreme, such as paragliding or hot-air balloon flights. Even though shopping malls try to convince us that Valentine’s Day cannot be celebrated without a concrete, tangible gift, Poles seem rather resistant to consumptionism and value experiences and emotions more than another gadget – cause “moments are the only beautiful times in life”.

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