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The new service makes it easier for internet users to help others, non-governmental organisations to collect funds for a chosen cause and companies to organise CSR actions. This is the first such place on the Internet – without any fees or commissions. Charity auctions were already organised at in the past. But from now on, when collecting funds, an organisation can encourage people not only to bid the objects put up for the auction. The new platform can be used to gather a community around the chosen goal of the charity collection and encourage users to join the action and put up their own items for sale.

All the money raised inall auctions is transferred into the organiser’s account. All the money, because Allegro does not charge any fees for putting items up and PayU, the platform’s financial partner, does not charge commissions for online payments.

We have realised this project for charity. Since 1999 we have been supporting charity auctions, organizing social campaigns, and promoting non-governmental organizations. Now we have created a new service which combines e-shopping with charity

– says Krzysztof Śpiewek, CSR Projects Manager.

Organising charity auctions will not only be easier but it will also be widely promoted. Items listed via will be available on is the largest marketplace on the Polish Internet, as on average 12 million users visit it every month. Now, when shopping online, they can support the noble cause.

Any public benefit organisation and companies cooperating with OPP can organise auctions on the platform. These are the companies that are the target of the campaign ‘Share what you have the best’, which promotes the launch of the service and encourages helping others.

The ambassadors of the action, Anna Dymna, Ewa Błaszczyk and Jurek Owsiak, show what online charity can look like. Their foundations have been the first three public benefit organisations to be registered on the platform and collect funds there. Representatives of business, institutions and media have been invited to put up items for charity auctions organised by the ambassadors.

The companies that will accept the invitation and publicise their involvement in fundraising will take part in a competition. The bloggers Natalia Hatalska and Maciej Budzich will follow and comment on the auctions and their communication, and at the end of August they will choose the most ingenious one with the greatest media potential.

The agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy is responsible for conducting the campaign in offline and online channels.

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