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In mid-September a new image campaign for the network of private health care facilities LUX MED will be launched, based on non-standard actions and using innovative media of communication. The campaign is prepared by the agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy. The agency’s tasks include creating the strategy and creative concept and then implementing it.

The agency is also responsible for campaign service in terms of media relations as well as for creating materials summing up the campaign in the form of a video and popularizing these materials on YouTube. The concept of the campaign is based on the non-standard medium of mini-billboards, which are a reproduction of traditional billboards, reduced in size on a scale of 1:12, with all the details retained. Part of the campaign can cross the Polish borders as the campaign is planned to include other facilities of Bupa Group, to which LUX MED belongs.

The scope of the campaign is over 130 non-standard OOH media in 8 different locations in Poland. The idea of the action matches LUX MED health care plans with tree species. These include such kinds of trees as: oak, birch, rowan tree, walnut tree, fir, pine and plane. Each medium refers to a different tree species, for example a billboard with information on the Health Care Plan Oak will be placed under an oak, and a billboard with information on the Health Care Plan Rowan – under a rowan tree. The action is of informative and educational character. The way the billboards were created and the information presented on them aim at intriguing the users and encouraging interaction.

The campaign will last for a month, from 22nd September till the end of October.

‘We have decided on this kind of non-standard campaign to stimulate the imagination of our clients and the media. We contrarily used the micro world to remind people about what should be big and important in our life, that is health,’ says Marzena Kowalska, the Marketing and Corporate Communications Director in LUX MED LLC.

As part of the campaign a photo session was organised, in cooperation with the artistic duo Minimondo ( – experts in the micro world. The photos show figures prepared by the artists and are a non-standard way of creating interest in the campaign.

The campaign will be summarized by producing a video that will be broadcast on YouTube. The whole campaign has been supported by media partners: Wirtualna Polska, Gaja Foundation as well as the services: Palapa, Purpose, Lubię Drewno.

Maciej Mazur – the Project Manager in the agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy is responsible for implementing the campaign. The concept of the campaign was drawn up by Robert Sosnowski (the Managing Director). On the client side the campaign is supervised by Magdalena Trzcińska, the Marketing Project Coordinator, and Maciej Kuźma, the Product Marketing Manager in LUX MED LLC.

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