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Biuro Podróży Reklamy has launched a new internet service International Internet Certificate (IIC) is a set of tests that users can use to test their knowledge of the Internet and new technologies. The website is completely free and available to everyone.

Anyone who passes the IIC test will receive a special ‘online certificate’. After receiving your certificate you can post it on your website, profiles on social networking sites or add it to your CV. There is also an option to upload your CV to IIC’s database. The IIC can then share it with selected employers. What is more, users have the possibility to take the test many time (until they get it right), which helps with gaining knowledge of the Internet and new technologies. For that reason, the Certificate can also have an educational function.

Apart from individual users, International Internet Certificate has another target group – employers. The IIC can be used in the recruitment process. Employers can easily and quickly test candidates’ knowledge of the Internet and new technologies. Therefore, the IIC can be an effective tool used by employers in the recruitment process.

Initially, International Internet Certificate was available only in a paid version. Now, it is a free online tool that anyone can use. The purpose of this change was to broaden the group of its users. We have introduced International Internet Certificate to the market, so anyone can test their knowledge of the Internet and so those who pass the test have proof that their knowledge is not limited to social networking sites and e-mail. Everyone can find out if their knowledge of the Internet is as profound as they thought. Another advantage of the IIC is that employers can verify if applicants’ statements about their good knowledge of the Internet, in their CVs, are not just unfounded declarations – said Robert Sosnowski, managing director at Biura Podróży Reklamy.

International Internet Certificate is divided into three parts, three levels of difficulty – C, B and A. On each level, one has to answer minimum of 15 questions. The questions for the three levels are drawn from three pools. Every level has its own pool of questions (in total there are 500 questions). Only two mistakes are allowed. Passing the first part means that user receives a certificate confirming his basic knowledge of the Internet (C). Then he can proceed to the second part, and then the third (and last) part of the test. The Certificate is in a form of a personal online diploma. Users can access their personal diplomas by following a link sent to them by email (example:

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