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On 18th September 2014 the blog of the Internet Industry Employers’ Association IAB Poland was started, available at 25 IAB Poland bloggers will educate Internet users in interactive marketing. The IAB Poland blog  ( is a symbolic place where Internet users meet. Experts of companies which are members of IAB Poland, apart from the possibility of making speeches at national interactive advertising conferences and printing articles in reports published by IAB Poland, are now given a new quality of promoting their knowledge and experience.

‘One of the most important aims that IAB Poland faces is to effectively represent the interests of the member companies. We have realised this aim by, among other things, expert positioning. – the official blog of IAB Poland is an expression of this activity,’

– said Włodzimierz Schmidt, the chairman of the board of IAB Poland.

25 IAB Poland bloggers will guide even the most demanding readers through the interactive world. The bloggers will provide a running commentary on new trends in the market and analyse various phenomena. Below is the list of IAB Poland bloggers: Jakub Bakuła (GG Network), Artur Brzyski (Insys), Włas Chorowiec (LeadBullet), Jakub Cyran (GO.PL), Piotr Dominik (Super-Fi), Katarzyna Ejdys (ZenithOptimedia), Anna Elwart (Cube Group), Grzegorz Guździoł (Goldbach), Łukasz Iwanek (Internetica), Olga Kamińska (Netsprint), Marcin Kordowski (S3), Michał Leszczyński (GetResponse), Paweł Milcarz (Interactions), Maciej Nowak (Agora), Zuzanna Rutkowska (LifeTube), Łukasz Sokołowski (Społecznoś, Barbara Sołtysińska (LifeTube), Robert Sosnowski (Biuro Podróży Reklamy), Marek Stankiewicz (Workking), Barbara Stawarz (Content King), Łukasz Szymański (Nextweb Media), Dariusz Utracki (, Karol Wyszyński (LifeTube), Paweł Zieliński (Softhis), Marcin Żukowski (Mint Media).

The blog will offer posts on almost all aspects of interactive marketing. The thematic division results from the division of working groups operating within IAB Poland.

‘Each working group is a grass-roots initiative of the member companies, resulting from the need to standardise and educate the market. This is why establishing the thematic division of the blog was very easy. We didn’t have to reinvent the wheel,’

– adds the chairman of the board of IAB Poland.

The new service is characterised by lucidity of the content and a convenient thematic division. Each user will also be able to follow the posts of their favourite IAB Poland blogger. The blog has been created according to RWD rules, which means that internet users will comfortably read the content they are interested in, regardless of the device they might be using.

Each post will be found in IAB Poland newsletter, which will come out every Thursday – we would like to invite you to subscribe to the newsletter –

The agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy is responsible for designing and implementing the project.

About IAB Poland:

IAB has been present on the Polish interactive, technological and advertising market since 2000. Since 2007 it has operated as the Internet Industry Employers’ Association IAB Poland. Its members include, among others, the biggest internet portals, ad networks, media houses and interactive agencies. One of the most important objective of the association is broadly understood education of the market in terms of the methods of using the Internet. The task of IAB Poland is to inform about the potential of the Internet, show effective solutions, create and present quality standards, bring to clients’ attention what they can expect of the medium and the market of Internet services as well as what they can demand from agencies providing these services. The activities of the association aim to create a forum for presenting the latest world publications concerning the effective use of the Internet.

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