NewsNews / Dekoral will change the colour of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw? The campaign promoting Visualiser 2.0 dekoral application

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An OOH installation, using non-standard, creative media will be set up in front of the Palace of Culture and Science on 30th August. The campaign, which is organised by the agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy for Dekoral brand, aims to promote Visualiser 2.0 Dekoral application – a tool for individual selection of colours for your apartment interior.

The installation will consist of partly coloured glass with the outline of the Palace of Culture and Science, put in special frames. When looking at it at a right angle, passers-by will see the Palace in colours of Dekoral Fashion collection palette: azure shantung, lemon tulle, jacquard amaranth, juicy orange and tweed green. Additionally, there will also be presented information referring to the nationwide research action ‘Colourful Poland’ conducted by Dekoral Fashion.

This non-standard campaign promotes the internet application Visualiser 2.0 Dekoral which enables you to match colours to any interior. There is a wide variety of photos available in the application and, what is most interesting, each user can check what his own interior will look like in different colours, using his own picture. The application is intuitive and the effects are very realistic. This is the most advanced tool of this kind available on the market. Thanks to visualiser 2.0 dekoral application any person interested in changing the colour of walls can see the final result even before they open a can of paint. The installation refers to this possibility: according to the authors’ idea you can check every interior, every building – even if it was to be perhaps the most recognizable building in Poland, the Palace of Culture and Science.

The ambient action with the use of OOH media will take place throughout the weekend of 30th and 31st August. The campaign includes the above-mentioned OOH media, SEM, display, emission on Facebook and remarketing.

The person responsible for implementing the campaign is Maciej Mazur – the Project Manager in the agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy. The concept of the campaign was developed by Robert Sosnowski (the Managing Director) and Łukasz Ludkowski (the Senior Creative Manager).

Visualiser 2.0 Dekoral is a program, unique in Poland, that enables users to check chosen colours in photos available in the application as well as photos taken by the users. Thanks to innovative technology, the application faithfully reproduces shadows and light on painted surfaces, which makes the visualisation extremely realistic. Additionally, thanks to intuitive operation, using the program is exceptionally easy and creating a visualisation turns into lots of fun!

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