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A campaign exploring colour preferences of Poles: or, let’s find out what you know about colours! What is the favourite colour of Varsovians? And the inhabitants of Wrocław? Is it flamenco red – or maybe tweed green? What colour do single ladies like? And men in relationships? What colour of high heels do most students from Cracow like? And what colours most often run through Polish songs?

Dekoral Fashion will try to answer these and many other questions – Dekoral Fashion brand, the paint manufacturer, is the organiser of an unconventional advertising campaign about colours, called Colourful Poland, which has just been launched.

During Colourful Poland action, Dekoral Fashion will gather data on the Internet and in the streets of chosen Polish cities. The collected data will be automatically updated at,the site being the platform of the action.

At the same time the banner campaign, which will present … different colours, is launched on the Internet. Depending on what colour of the banner the user clicks, it will be reflected in the colour of the site, which will be displayed. What is most interesting and non-standard is the fact that the banners will not be labelled with Dekoral Fashion brand name. Probably for the first time in the world there will be issued as many as 3744 banners of different colours.

In the courseof the action the number of clicks on the banners will be recorded as well as any demographic data collected through Facebook with the users’ consent (so-called Big Data), and data provided by the users. There will also be a survey available on the project website, which will collect detailed data on Poles’ colour preferences.

The collected data are processed in real time and automatically uploaded on the website in the form of infographics and summaries.

What data will surprise you? And what information will turn out to be useful?

Visit www.KolorowaPolska.pland find out how much you know about colours!

The action is accompanied by a competition in which you can win an iPhone C (of course in a chosen colour :))

If you are interested in design, interior decoration and colours, become a fan of Dekoral Fashion brand on Facebook:

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