NewsNews / Case studies collection: social media marketing 2010/2011

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Social media and WoMM case studies collection. The most interesting social media campaigns of 2010 and 2011. This document relates only to the Polish market. Three of our case studies are also included in this collection.By looking at those case studies one can learn what are the key elements of a successful social media campaign and how it should be conducted. Three of our case studies are also included in this collection.

Here is how Robert Sosnowski has commented on the publication for the IAB Polska:

I have read the competitors’ case studies with interest. This is actually a precedent situation on Polish market. This is perhaps the first time that marketers have such a wide and up-to-date collection of various social media campaigns provided in such a pleasant form. It is an excellent source of information about ideas, tools and their effectiveness shown on the example of 44 campaigns developed by 17 firms. I am hoping that this collection will have a practical use in the processes of creating briefs, selecting agencies and assessing proposals before the campaign launch

– Robert Sosnowski, managing director, Biuro Podróży Reklamy.

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