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Biuro Podróży Reklamy starts cooperation with a new client, Ework Group. Ework Group is a Swedish consulting agency, listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. The agency won this project on an auction. The first action our agency is going to undertake for the client is to prepare and execute a branding campaign as well as the analysis of the Polish IT market.

From October to December 2019 we are going to perform an online survey addressed to Polish IT professionals working on B2B contracts. The questionnaire is published on a dedicated landing page: Our findings will determine the trends in the IT market, the current state of the industry from freelancer’s perspective, what their needs are and what needs to be changed. Finally, the conclusions will be drawn to discover the future of this field. The research will include questions such as the model and comfort of employment, income satisfaction and the ability possibilities to grow. The demographic questions, however, will help to describe who are IT professionals working under B2B contract. The results will be used to create interesting content concerning brand PR. It’s worth mentioning that Ework Group is the first group company in the Polish market that tries to grasp the needs of people who work on B2B contract. Thus, this research meets global trends such as Gig Economy.

Besides the research, the agency is going to spread Ework Group brand awareness in Poland. The advertising campaign will include the creation and emission of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, and ePR.

The cooperation between Ework Group and Biuro Podróży Reklamy will last at least for a year. It includes SEO, WWW, SEM, content marketing and the preparation of the campaign- related to the research.

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