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We have been awarded Pióro Roku 2014 for a text titled „Riposta do AdBustera” written for one of our clients. We have won the first prize in the category: publication for clients – brand – articles supporting the brand. Pióra Roku is a competition that awards the best works of custompublishing. Its goal is to promote and highlight the value of corporate journalism. The competition proves that this requires the same artistry, talent and commitment as traditional journalism.

The award-winning text was „Riposta do AdBustera” which we created for our client Dekoral Fashion in response to an unfavourable video of a famous vlogger AdBuster. The aim of the text was to refute the negative opinion while not attacking the vlogger. This is why our strategy was based on a nice, polite but also at times ironic tone that made use of internet language and vocabulary and was supported by substantive arguments and expertise.

The results of publishing „Listu do AdBustera” exceeded our wildest expectations. Well over 1200 natural shares at! Over 600 natural likes on the brand’s fan page. Altogether we managed to generate 19 ePR publications and in total over 1600 people liked our post, sharing it 117 times.

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