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Biuro Podróży Reklamy began the year 2015, among other things, from starting to cooperate with the Roman Czarnecki Educational Foundation EFC, which resulted in spreading information about recruitment to the “Marzenie o Nauce” (Dream about Learning) scholarship. The agency’s duties involved preparing two viral films, designing a teaser project logo, copywriting, guerilla marketing and ePR activities, and developing an interactive website. 

Not every talented and ambitious child has a chance to develop his/her skills. The EFC Foundation helps exceptionally gifted teenagers from small towns and poor families start education in the best Polish secondary schools. The “Marzenie o Nauce” scholarship provides, among other things, a place in a dormitory, books, meals and even holiday trips. In order to receive the scholarship, the pupil must be admitted to the school indicated by the foundation.

The task of Biuro Podróży Reklamy was to extend the reach of information about the possibility to receive the scholarship and to join the “Future Club”, a club set up by the foundation mainly for the scholarship purposes. This was possible thanks to the social campaign launched by the agency on 9 February. It began with a video made and cut so as to seem that it was filmed by pupils having fun before a lesson and shared on-line. It featured a mysterious man distributing coins with the website address and enigmatic slogans “Don’t tell your parents about us” or “To be or to have? What do you choose?”. The video ends unexpectedly, encouraging viewers to learn more about the Future Club. A link with a short text was sent to daily, local and educational media newsrooms. The promotion was supported by non-standard marketing activities, such as guerilla graffiti with the FC logo recorded on the video and on pictures.

The main objective of the project was to encourage young people to visit the futuristic landing page and to complete a test which gave them the possibility to join the mysterious Future Club. The manner in which the questions were asked ensured that responses built a valuable database for the foundation containing information about people whom they could contact after the campaign finished.

The mysterious stage of the campaign was followed by a clarification on 15 February. This was when information about the FC appeared on the website. One day earlier, all people who completed the test received e-mails showing the hooded person revealing himself and explaining what the FC really is. The second film, made in a modern laboratory, featured a former grant holder – Michał Maczuga.

The campaign was managed by Dominika Czyż – Junior Project Manager and Maciej Mazur – Project Manager from Biuro Podróży Reklamy. The campaign concept was prepared by Łukasz Ludkowski – the agency’s Creative Director.

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