NewsNews / Biuro Podróż Reklamy to assist RWE in terms of creative activities

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Biuro Podróży Reklamy advertising agency has won a tender for providing services to RWE Poland SA (Joint Stock Company) in terms of content marketing activities. The contract has been concluded for a period of three years. The agency will provide support to RWE SA in areas such as copywriting, producing banners, mailings and newsletters, creating landing pages, content marketing, implementing infographics and sponsored articles, creating expert articles and presentations.

The activities will begin in September with a creative activity directly connected with rebranding of the company – RWE is changing to innogy.

RWE is one of five biggest energy companies in Europe. It specializes in the production, transmission, distribution and sales of electricity and gas. The biggest RWE-owned companies in Poland are RWE Poland that supports the concern’s development in Poland, selling energy to approximately 1 million customers, and RWE Stoen Operator that manages Warsaw’s electricity network. RWE in Poland also includes wind farms with a total capacity of over 240 megawatts.

From September 2016, the name RWE will be changed to innogy. As a result, on 2 September all companies of the RWE Group in Poland will be integrated under one common brand – innogy.

Biuro Podróży Reklamy are experts in campaigns that combine social, web, mobile, search marketing, video, and content marketing with technological ambient, guerrilla marketing as well as other non-standard activities and technological innovations. The agency also creates innovative websites and mobile applications.

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