NewsNews / BIK (The Credit Information Bureau) has chosen the agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy

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As a result of winning a tender, the agency Biuro Podróży Reklamy is starting a cooperation with the Credit Information Bureau. The agency will be responsible for conducting communication actions in social media and will support BIK in a large-scale educational campaign, which will begin on 13th May and last until December this year.

BIK educational campaign – ‘Build a good history’ – aims to show consumers the possibility of a conscious use of the potential created by their financial credibility. Its subject matter covers three major topics: financial credibility in the context of building a good credit history, credit scoring and protection against loan scams. The action, which is part of Building Financial Credibility Programme, is of social character.

BIK LLC collects and makes available information about the credit history of bank and credit union customers, i.e. the information whether they pay loans on a regular basis. BIK plays an important social role, supporting responsible lending and preventing over-indebtedness of customers. BIK uses the highest standards of data collection and processing and operates on the basis of restrictive rules – the Banking Act and the Act on Personal Data Protection. Its mission is to promote trust and safety of financial market participants in Poland.

BIK was established in 1997 by banks and on the initiative of the Polish Banks Association to minimize credit risk and increase the safety and security of money transactions.

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