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  • e-commerce, organization, a platform dedicated to the market of sales and purchase of e-businesses, was just launched in a new version and accorording to the new strategy will focus on advisory and brokering services for websites and Internet companies owners. Until now, the service was above all a forum. Relaunch of the service is supported by an online campaign using tools such as SEM, SEO, remarketing and social media marketing. is the leading service on the Polish market for sales and purchase of e-businesses. Its advisory and broking services are aimed at both, individuals and companies, who want to sell their e-business: a vertical portal, website, fanpage on Facebook or on other social networking site, mobile application, company webiste, etc. was established in 2006 as a forum for sales of of operating sites and vertical portals, which handle Internet traffic. Now, after the reconstruction and implementation of the new strategy, it is expanding its formula of a paid individual brokering service in selling / buying transactions of e-businesses. In principle, the service will be available for relatively large transactions. It is oriented towards portals valued for more than 10 000 Euro. In total, there is still a possibility to publish free sales and purchase offers on the forum.

Unlike sites that focus on selling domains, focuses much more on functioning e-businesses. We are not talking here about buying a simple web address. Users of are interested in all the assets of the project: the domain, traffic quantity and quality, applications, structure, etc. At the same time, we will continue to curry on with the forum, which is a kind of free marketplace for “classified ads”

– says Robert Sosnowski, creator and managing director of the Biuro Podróży Reklamy, which is responsible for the platform’s advertising campaign.

E-Commerce businesses is in quite an early stage, but in my opinion, this market will develop in the very near future. You can see a lot of recent signs of movement, and besides, the market’s potential is growing, because e-commerce is alread a part of almost every business. In particular, major market prospects lie in the area of ??small and medium sized e-businesses. Because, as far as the market of large acquisitions in Poland exists, the market of e-businesses of medium and small value has been very sluggish so far. There is a popular practice known as website flipping that is not very popular in Poland. It involves buying a declining and poorly developed websites, improving it (that is, increasing the website’s traffic and improving its revenue) and then re-selling it. I am convinced that this phenomenon will soon be more explicit in Poland

– added Sosnowski.

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