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Biuro Podróży Reklamy has organized Antalis Design Awards 2017 contest for Antalis Poland Spółka z o.o. The contest was addressed to artists, graphic artists, graphic designers, interior designers, interior decorators, art designers, students and graduates of art academies in Poland.

The participants submitted their works in two categories: Art and Design. The task of those taking part in the Art category was to create a cover for an A5 creative notebook. The Design category required the participants to create a 4 000 mm x 3 000 mm sample of wallpaper for a modern start-up office.

The contest jury consists of authorities on the Polish design and graphics: Dawid Korzekwa – graphic designer specializing in press design, book design, visual identification and poster creation, Jarosław Bujny –graduate of Graphic Design Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (currently a PhD student of this academy), Andrzej Pągowski – graphic artist, the author of over 1, 300 phenomenal posters in Poland and abroad, Natalia Nguyen – urban architect, interior designer, furniture and accessories designer who appreciates both beauty and functionality and Xavier Jouvet – Marketing and Purchasing Director of Antalis International.

The sponsors of the whole event included: Applied Graphics Artists Association, Brief, AFA Katowice, Visual Communication, Packaging Polska, Sprawny Marketing, Świat Druku and Grafmag.

The contest was promoted in social media and in press releases on over 25 websites

The website was created as part of the contest and it was visited by over 12 000 users from the industry. As a result, 584 works in the Art category and 126 in the Design category were submitted to the contest.

The contest will end and the results will be announced during an event in Warsaw, on 28th September 2017, when the winners will be awarded monetary prizes and Antalis Design Awards statutes.

Antalis ( is the leader in the distribution of materials used for visual communication: papers for the printing industry and offices, wallpapers, packaging materials and products made of plastics.

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