NewsNews / Agnieszka Sosnowska to become CEO of Biuro Podróży Reklamy advertising agency

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Agnieszka Sosnowska, currently Account Director at Biuro Podróży Reklamy advertising agency, is to become the head of the agency, taking up the post of CEO & Partner.

Robert Sosnowski, the current Managing Director of the agency and its founder, will remain at the agency as a CVO and Partner, but will gradually transfer most of his managerial responsibilities to Agnieszka Sosnowska (who is his sister).

This will be an evolution, a gradual process, but ultimately in a few months’ time I would like to give up about 80% of the duties that define my current involvement in the agency. I intend to focus much more on creating a group around Biuro Podróży Reklamy and setting new development trends for companies that the group will consist of. The advertising market is changing more and more dynamically, the pressure of the digital on the rest of the industry is getting stronger, and in my opinion this is a market environment in which you have to move forward and venture into new areas. Hence our decision to hand over the management of the agency to Agnieszka – explains Robert Sosnowski.

Agnieszka Sosnowska has been working at Biuro Podróży Reklamy advertising agency since 2009, initially as an Account Manager, then as a Senior Account Manager, and from 2013 as the Account Director. She started out on her career in the advertising industry in 1999 in Hator outdoor advertising agency.

She is a graduate of SWPS University (University of Social Sciences and Humanities)  majoring in psychology, and completed post-graduate studies at Bolesław Prus Warsaw University of Humanities in journalism – photography in new media. She also finished studies at the faculty of behavioural and social science of East-West University in Chicago.

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