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As the pandemic situation is growing more severe each day, we decided it’s high time we took precautions and started working from home, however, with the same amount of vigor as before. The home office plan was fully implemented on 13th March 2020. Not only did we do it for the safety of our teammates, but also for the sake of our dear clients. We carried out the necessary procedures and addressed the issues with RODO.

We invite you to work with us ✊

Of course, it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t get a bit creative to get the message through. Because of the whole working from home thing, we decided to temporarily change our agency name to Dom Podróży Reklamy. However, it’s only for the time being. Once we’re back, we’ll press CTRL+Z and change it immediately to the original name.

Anyway, we’re very well organized and our creative state of mind helps us to face new challenges.
We invite you to work with us ✊

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