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In the second half of October 2007, we have carried out an online campaign promoting the movie  “Superbad”  for  United International Pictures. The campaign was under the slogan  “Show your wiener to a friend”. The campaign had two editions. First one was implemented when the movie had its premiere and second, when it was released on DVD and BR (May 2008). The first edition was aiming to inform as many people as possible about the new movie and to portray it as a controversial film about humorous adventures of high school students.

The website www.SuperWacek.pl was used as a platform for this campaign. The website refers to the movie and its main character, who had a passion for drawing penises and experienced a trauma which was caused this passion. The website allows users to  draw penises  using tools and pre-made templates. Users were able to save their drawings on the server. The drawings were uploaded on the home page in a place selected by their authors. The navigation of the website enabled users to look at several penises at once. One could see thousands of them by scrolling the home page “endlessly”.

Users could have voted for the best drawings. During the second edition, people could have won valuable prizes like a trip to Ibiza. The application enables  convenient distribution  of penises (viral marketing) which was the main aim of the action “Show your wiener to a friend”. The website has been advertised by  a emission campaign in 20 entertainment and movie services ePR publications  and actions on  social networking sites.


The action was the most popular among the oldest teenagers, which is reflected by the amount of penises on the website. During both editions of the campaign, the website has been seen by over  350 000 unique users.

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