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In February 2010, we have carried out a image and sales campaign for Samsung. The campaign was aiming to  introduce a new product – Samsung NetBook N210 – to the market. People between 13 and 24 years of age who live in big Polish cities were the target group for this campaign. It was the only campaign for this product and the only campaign for this particular product segment at that time.

Direct targets:

1. Building a brand and product awareness in the target group.
2. Stimulation of Samsung NetBooks, in particular of Samsung NetBook N210.

Indirect targets (in period of 5 weeks):

1. Generation of minimum 500 000 views of the contest page.
2. Obtaining at least 10 000 players (contestants)

A detective game in the form of a contest has been created to promote the Samsung NetBook N210N. Players were rewarded for qualities like: flair, engagement, capacity to associate the facts, knowledge of the Internet and a good orientation in the pop culture.

For the purposes of this action, Samsung hid 10 000 PLN in six anonymous rooms in Poland as the main prize of the contest. Participants were to locate those 6 locations and guess the password. There were also additional prizes – netbooks Samsung N210 and mobile phones Samsung Corby.

The idea for the contest came from us, we were responsible for its implementation and purchase of online and offline media. The www.SamsungGame.pl website was used as a platform for the contest. Via the website, contestants could watch transmissions from the online cameras (live transmission 24/h) placed in locations where the money was hidden (main prizes). In order to find the place where the money and other prizes were hidden, contestants could have used an extensive system of clues and suggestions.










In total, participants had 10 tasks to accomplish. For example, players were given information about the first task when registering (a clue was located in RTVEuroAGD stores). Each correctly performed task led to another.


The attractive form of the campaign made it easier to engage 10 partners in the action. In order to collect clues, contestants were led from one partner to another. In return, partners, on the basis of cross-promotion, decided to help with the promotion of Samsung Game.

The media partners of the action were:VIVA (half barter, 50 spots 30″, production of a TV spot), Planeta (barter – daily emission of trailers and advertising sports), Radio Zet (half barter – spots emission 20″), RTVEuroAGD (barter – POS in 160 stores, advertisement in the RTVEuroAGD magazine and on the website euro.com.pl, mailings to 120 000 subscribers of Euro.com.pl), Społeczności.pl (half barter, emission of advertisements at Fotka.pl and at Grono.net),  Merlin.pl (barter, advertisement on the home page of merlin.pl and on the main page of the ‘books’ section for a month, banners, mailings to 500 000 subscribers of merlin.pl), WP.pl (half barter – emission of adverts),  Metro (half barter – 2 press adverts), Hiro(barter – advertisement in the magazine and on the website hiro.pl), Komputer Świat (barter – advertisement on 3 services owned by Axel Springer) and  Intel (affiliate program). Thanks to our partners we have acquired quite a lot of advertising space and have increased the budget potential of the whole action up to  230% .

The campaign is an example of a integrated marketing action. The main promotion channel of the Samsung Game action was the Internet. During the campaign, graphic forms of advertising were emitted in various models: CPM, CPC, CPL, direct marketing and sponsored links in the CPC model.


The graphic forms of advertising were emitted on various portals: Wp.pl, Merlin.pl, Euro.com.pl, KomputerSwiat.pl, Hiro.pl, Grono.net, Fotka.pl, Facebook.com, YouTube.pl, Joemonster.org, Demotywatory.pl, Komixxy.pl and other services gathered in the affiliated marketing networks: Novem, Afilo as well as blogs concentrated in networks: AdTaily, Blogvertising, YellowGreen. Sponsored links were emitted in systems like: AdWords, AdKontekst, OnetBoksy, SmartContext. During the action, also WoMM communication was carried out in social networks like: Facebook.com, Blip.pl, Pinger.pl, Flaker.pl, Fotka.pl, Grono.net, Twitter.com – official portals of Samsung Game.

The effectiveness of the campaign, during almost 5 weeks of its emission (01.02.2010.-04.03.2010.), was bigger than anticipated.

Statistics from the Samsung Game action:

  • 45 674  registered players (450% of anticipated standards);
  • 515 154 visits on the website www.SamsungGame.pl;
  • 2 208 284  views of the website www.SamsungGame.pl;
  • 246 000 000  views of all forms of online advertising;
  • 137  online press publications;
  • 5 884 text messages sent in Samsung Game action;
  • 3 000  sold Samsung NetBooks N210 during 2 months (February and March 2010).

The action contributed to the growth of Samsung’s shares in the netbooks market from 16.8% in January – March 2009 to 28.9%  in January – March 2010! In our client’s opinion, the campaign was a success and was a start to a longer cooperation with another projects. The Samsung Game campaign won  Mixx-Award 2010  in the category:  Introduction of a new product to the market  and was  honored in the Golden Arrow contest  in the category:  Experiential Marketing .

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